Seafood is defined as the edible creatures found in the sea. It includes most of the fish, shellfish (including mollusks and crustaceans), and sea plants like algae and weeds. Fresh water creatures may also be included in the term seafood, so it could be simply pertains to edible aquatic life. Before, some sea mammals such as dolphin and whales are also eaten in some parts in the world. But today, the mostly eaten type of seafood include most of the fishes in both salt and freshwater, seaweeds and algae especially in Asian countries, and shellfishes such as crabs, shells, shrimps, etc.


Many people nowadays enjoy eating seafood, especially fish, not because of the taste only but because of its protein content. Even though fishes today has been having controversies with regards to mercury content that consumers may take, there are several benefits that we need that we can get mostly from fish.


Great for the heart
Clears the vessels
Joint benefits
Eye curing
Provides essensials nutrients.
Lung protection
Brightens the outlook of person
Skin looks great
Boost the brain power


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